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     Lycia is a rugged mountainous land on the western fringes of the Toros Mountain' range.
     The snow melt from the masses of Akdaglar and Beydagla stream down through narrow gorges and canyons to water the rich fertile plains of the Xanthos Valley and Demre, Finike plains.
     Lycia has over seventy ancient sites with sunken ports and hill top bastions.
     Nature being the last conquerer of bygone civilizations left for the explorer's imagination among the magical vistas of Lycia.
     Springtime sees an abundance of wild flowers with meadows carpeted with poppies and daises and the rare Lycian orchid hiding in the undergrowth.
     In the animal world wild boar roam the forests while deer and wild goat graze on the mountain slopes.
     The well publicised Lycian Way, Turkey's first long distance footpath covers 500km of marked path around the dramatic coastline using a network of ancient roads, shepherd's paths and forest tracks.
     The climate is ideal for walking all year round except for high summer, the winter's are very mild with occassional rainfall.
     The Terrain is rugged and hard underfoot so walking boots or strong shoes with good ankle support are essential. All the walks are based on carrying a day pack(20litre+ capacity).
     The region can be very hot from late spring so 2 lıtres of fluid should be carried by each individual. ( Dehydration can ruin your holiday!).
     Sun protection ie. Sunhat,glasses and high factor sun cream.
     Shorts and t-shirt can be worn but one should not walk around a village with their top off ( RESPECT the local culture!).
     Walking poles can also be very useful. Waterproofs should be carried early and late season and throughout the winter and on higher walks with an extra warm top.
     Those around us need to take
Hat-towel-sun screen-sun glasses-water (1,5 lt )-camera-extra t shirt-walking boot

Price : 30€
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