Haftalık Turlar

Trekking Sınıflar

    1. Lycian Way (East)

6 day walking programme using 2 centres at Cıralı/Olympos and Kas.
The walking explores the ancient sites of Phaselis and Olympos and the Kekova region plus the chance to climb to the summit of Tahtalı Dag' (2344m), an ancient mount Olympos with the eternal flames still burning in it's foothills. There will also be plenty of oppurtunities to swim in the warn turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. (Grade 2-3)

2. Lycian Way (West)

6 day walking programme that starts near Fethiye and finishes in Kas.
This tour continues around the coast staying in a mixture of hotel, basic pension and village house accomodation. We will visit the ruins of Kayakoy ( Greek Ghost Town) and the massive ancient port of Patara as well as the ruins of Phellos high above Kas.(Grade 2-3)

3. Central Lycia

6 day walking programme based in Kas exploring a diversity of landscapes from the rugged coastline up to the forested slopes of Akdag. (Grade 2)
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